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Travel Advantage

The booking platform for travel at wholesale prices

Ask for your GUEST PASS and benefit from member discounts with free access to the Travel Advantage booking platform.

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"Travel is never about money, it's about courage." Paulo Coelho

Whether it's for a vacation, a romantic weekend away or business travel, if you like good travel deals and want to travel at the best prices guaranteed...


What is Travel Advantage?

Travel Advantage is a travel site comparable to,,, and more.

This new booking platform is complete, economical and offers a multitude of promotions, services and exclusive benefits reserved for VIP, PLUS and ELITE members.

On this platform you'll find the best travel deals on over 2,000,000 destinations worldwide: you can book your hotels at the best guaranteed prices, cheap flights (plane tickets), packages (flight + hotel), cruises, stays, resorts (all-inclusive), your favorite activities, car rentals, train tickets, theme parks... and you'll even find a luxury duty-free boutique (Mall lifestyle).

Travel advantage is accessible by invitation only, and already boasts over 400,000 active members worldwide.

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How Travel Advantage works

Just like big companies like Netflix, Zoom and Spotify, Travel advantage has chosen a business model that benefits its members: subscription-based memberships.

The 3 Travel Advantage membership packages

Travel advantage offers 3 membership options to suit the needs of its members (services and benefits vary according to the membership chosen).

Here are the 3 membership options:

  • Membership VIP
  • Membership PLUS
  • Membership ÉLITE

By becoming a VIP, PLUS, or ELITE member, you gain exclusive access to our Travel Advantage online travel booking platform and a wide range of services and benefits.

It all starts with a quick and easy membership, giving you instant access to our user-friendly online platform.

- To become a VIP customer, click here >

Once logged in, you have the power to browse our selection of incredible destinations and explore our special offers.

Whether you're looking for family vacations, romantic getaways, solo adventures or business travel, our advanced AI-powered search engine lets you customize your travel experience to suit your desires and preferences.

By booking your travel on Travel Advantage, you gain access to exclusive member rates and benefits on a diverse range of services, from hotel stays to flights and on-site activities.

Why is Travel advantage cheaper ?

  • Online booking platforms all use the same distribution model: they pay millions of dollars in advertising to stay online and make you think they're the cheapest... As a result, the consumer pays for the high costs of online platforms !
  • Travel Advantage has chosen a new and innovative model for online booking. This platform makes itself known solely by word-of-mouth, with no costly advertising... As a result, consumers pay wholesale prices and benefit from the best rates. You're sure to get a great deal on your travel for less !

Would you like to compare prices and be sure of getting the best rates ?

Does Travel Advantage have the lowest prices ?

In this short video, discover a surprising price comparison on the same travel bookings, between Travel Advantage and the world leader in online bookings... See how you can save hundreds of Dollars !

Our 3 membership packages - VIP, PLUS and ELITE - are designed to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you're an ordinary traveler or an entrepreneur who wants to live free and travel with freedom, Travel Advantage has the right membership for you...

Here are the 3 "Travel Advantage" subscription packages

img Adhésion VIP Travel Advantage

Membership VIP

VIP membership will appeal to people who just want to use the Travel Advantage platform and take advantage of the low rates, services and benefits of the private club...

img Adhésion PLUS Travel Advantage

Membership PLUS

The PLUS subscription is for people who want a little more service and benefits, and want to generate additional income through the MWR Life MLM business opportunity...

img Adhésion ÉLITE Travel Advantage

Membership ÉLITE

The ELITE subscription is for the more ambitious who want to make full use of the platform's services and advantages, and make a living from their MLM activity at MWR Life...

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